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Modern Jazz: A Collection of Seattle’s Finest Jazz

The first in a series of Origin compilation CDs, “Modern Jazz” reflects some of the best of Seattle’s deep and rich jazz scene. From the refined, ensemble work on “Incompatibility” to the Brazilian/R&B groove of “Appalachian Soul Camp,” or the virtuostic pianistics of “Notoriety” to the wide open vamps of “For Tony,” “Modern Jazz” displays respect for the tradition with the progressive vision of a special musical community.


1. Blue 7:39 (Marc Seales)
2. Incompatibility 4:58 (Clay Giberson)
3. Appalachian Soul Camp 5:52 (Hans Teuber)
4. Notoriety 7:19 (Marius Nordal)
5. After Hours 7:51 (Mark Taylor)
6. Rainy States 4:54 (Rick Mandyck)
7. Enlah 7:14 (Whitney Ashe)
8. The Mystagogue 8:35 (Ben Thomas)
9. Somnambulist 6:51 (Richard Cole)
10. For Tony 6:23 (Matt Jorgensen)


Various Artists:

1. New Stories, “Speakin’ Out”
2. Clay Giberson Trio, “Mirador”
3. Hans Teuber, “Lucky”
4. Marius Nordal, “Notoriety”
5. Mark Taylor with RadioAction, “After Hours”
6. John Bishop/Jeff Johnson/Rick Mandyck/John Stowell, “Scenes”
7. RadioAction, “HiFi”
8. Ben Thomas, “The Mystagogue”
9. Richard Cole, “The Forgotten”
10. Matt Jorgensen + 451, “The Road Begins Here”

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