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Matt Jorgensen +451, “Hope”

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed, Quiet Silence, Matt Jorgensen +451 releases their third studio recording entitled, Hope, a collection of nine original compositions (including the Hope Trilogy) and arrangements of Coldplay’s God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and Charles Mingus’ Fables of Faubus.


1. Slinky (Taylor/Jorgensen)
2. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay)
3. Hope, part 1 (Jorgensen)
4. Che (Otto)
5. Peacefulness (Jorgensen)
6. Hope, part 3 (Jorgensen)
7. Sanguine (Taylor)
8. Pack Sack (Jorgensen)
9. Fables of Faubus (Mingus
10. Ibrahymn (Burns)
11. Hope, part 2 (Jorgensen)


Mark Taylor – alto and tenor saxophones
Ryan Burns – fender rhodes, piano
Phil Sparks – bass
Matt Jorgensen – drums

Rob Davis – tenor saxophone (5)
Hans Teuber – tenor saxophone (1,4,7,10)
David Marriott – trombone (10)

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