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Steve Korn, “Points in Time”

Continuing his very fertile relationship with the dynamic saxophone tandem of Mark Taylor and Rob Davis, Seattle-based drummer Steve Korn follows up on his two critically acclaimed recordings for Origin Records with a dynamic set of originals. Also featuring the great pianist Marc Seales, Korn’s music covers the range of modern, post-bop jazz exploring the retro-soul-shuffle of “Theme from the Sit-Com of the Same Name” to the hauntingly beautiful sonorities of “Little Bird.” As the All Music Guide said about his last release “Pride & Joy,” “The one objective that Korn’s second album achieves quite readily is to create anticipation for a third.” Indeed.


1. Hymn (Steve Korn) 1:56
2. Helio (Steve Korn) 8:41
3. Tangents (Steve Korn) 8:08
4. O.K. (Ron Carter) 7:06
5. Open Door (Steve Korn) 3:59
6. Little Bird (Steve Korn) 7:07
7. Baraka (Steve Korn) 6:22
8. Beacons (Jochen Feucht) 4:31
9. Theme Song From The Sit-Com Of The Same Name (Steve Korn) 6:54


Mark Taylor – alto, tenor and soprano saxophones
Rob Davis – tenor and soprano saxophones
Marc Seales – piano
Paul Gabrielson – bass
Steve Korn – drums

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