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Matt Jorgensen, “Tattooed by Passion: Music inspired by the paintings of Dale Chisman”

Inspired by the paintings of his late father-in-law, the prominent abstract-impressionist artist Dale Chisman, drummer Matt Jorgensen has created a recording of all original works drawing influence directly from Chisman paintings, his home city of Denver, his life-long friends, and his constant reinvention as an artist. To properly reflect the power and expanse of Chisman’s pieces, Jorgensen, along with his longtime collaborators – trumpeter Thomas Marriott and saxophonist Mark Taylor – expands his own palette from previous recordings, exploring broad new textures and musical landscapes aided by Corey Christiansen’s earthy guitar work, bassist Dave Captein, and orchestrations for string quartet.


1. Space, Plane and Line (6:49)
2. Tattooed By Passion (5:53) [play-button: http://www.origin-records.net/audio/82568_clip1.mp3] 3. Colorado (6:03)
4. August (5:38) [play-button: http://www.origin-records.net/audio/82568_clip2.mp3] 5. Big Chief with a Golden Crown (6:14)
6. The Armory (reprise) (0:34)
7. Primal Scrip (6:28)
8. The Armory (4:39)
9. Dialogue 2008 (6:47)
10. Fall (0:50)
11. Savage Grace (8:28)


Thomas Marriott – trumpet
Mark Taylor – saxophone
Corey Christiansen – guitar
Dave Captein – bass
Matt Jorgensen – drums

with special guests:
Richard Cole – clarinet (11)
Karen Haliburton – violin (3, 4, 11)
Eric Rynes – violin (3, 4, 11)
Brianna Atwell – viola (3, 4, 11)
Chris Worswick – cello (3, 4, 11)


Produced by Matt Jorgensen
Recorded by Don Gunn on September 13-14, 2009, and October 4, 2009,
at Two Sticks Audio, Seattle, WA
Mixed by Don Gunn at The Office, Sept-Oct, 2009.
Mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios, Nov, 2009.
Session photography by Tim Tyler
Photos of Dale Chisman by Mark Sink
Artwork courtesy of The Estate of Dale Chisman
Layout and Design by John Bishop



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