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Matt Jorgensen +451, Quiet Silence

This ongoing project, 451, brings together some of the most searching players of the great Northwest, and allows them their way through musical terrains which blur the lines between jazz and other idioms. Daring musicians who think and breathe alike, led by a master percussionist who can be torrential one moment and a subtle colorist the next, interweave their voices into a reach of richly detailed soundscapes. Instead of the expected piano, we hear the lightly reverberant pipings of that fascinating instrument, the fender rhodes, lending the music its own unique, electric identity. This is the jazz, then, of a new millennium, airy and deep, the sonic rumors of a world that happens to be ours.


1. Fog
2. Everything In It’s Right Place
3. Tumbleweed
4. India
5. Blessing
6. Quiet Silence
7. The Look of Love
8. Ballad For John
9. Tomorrow Never Knows


Mark Taylor – saxophones
Rob Davis – saxophones
Marc Seales – fender rhodes
Phil Sparks – bass
Matt Jorgensen – drums

Gregg Keplinger – percussion
Aslan Rife – percussion

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